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The Booklady’s Kids

As some of you know, I’m the Booklady in my neighborhood. When we first moved here, I started giving away books to the kids who live here. It’s an easy thing to do and very rewarding. I go to thrift … Continue reading

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The Senora and the Plumber

Yesterday, the battle against gangs in our neighborhood entered a new phase because of a smart, brave woman and a plumber. Maria, down at 3506, had the idea to get permit parking in our neighborhood. For those of you who … Continue reading

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Surviving is a Form of Resistance

Junior’s sunflower had brown petals and a yellow center. Lizette’s red tulips stood in a row like sentries. Laura painted a white rose with full, open petals. Michelle contributed the Mexican flag and a rainbow, even though we had specified … Continue reading

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Life with a Gang

We were not young. Call it early middle age. Baby boomer free-lance artist types, we had rented apartments in every lakefront neighborhood in Chicago. We’d just lost another great place to increasing property values and increasing rents and decided it … Continue reading

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