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Let’s Remember Them All

Let’s remember them all, today. All the soldiers, all those who have supported the soldiers. All the people of all backgrounds and ethnicities who have fought and died to keep us free. Most people know that Crispus Attucks, who led … Continue reading

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Thanks for reading!

Dear readers, I posted yesterday asking people to give me a reaction to a short story I was thinking of entering in a competition. It was actually a short play of mine that had been produced quite successfully about a … Continue reading

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I Could Use Your Help . . .

Dear readers, I’ve decided to submit a short story to some contests. I really need some reactions. If you have the time and inclination to read and offer some criticism, I’d be grateful. Here’s the link: Kindness. By the way, … Continue reading

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The Booklady’s Kids

As some of you know, I’m the Booklady in my neighborhood. When we first moved here, I started giving away books to the kids who live here. It’s an easy thing to do and very rewarding. I go to thrift … Continue reading

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Now and Then

Things remain fairly quiet in the neighborhood, although there was some encroachment on the garden. Or, more accurately, the park. Because that’s what our lot came to be. You may remember, if you’ve been following our story, that a huge … Continue reading

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Rumbling Through the Neighborhood

I think I’ve mentioned that I go to a yoga class above a pawn shop. It’s taught in a big dance studio room at the Rumble Arts Center on North Avenue, in the Humboldt Park area of Chicago. Michael and … Continue reading

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Bits of the Neighborhood and Pieces of My Life

I was standing in the darkening garden next to Jose from down the street as Michael projected our garden videos, one after another, for the three dozen or so neighbors who had come to the party. A few of the … Continue reading

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