Thanks for reading!

Dear readers, I posted yesterday asking people to give me a reaction to a short story I was thinking of entering in a competition. It was actually a short play of mine that had been produced quite successfully about a hundred years ago (in the 1980s), and I tried my hand at adapting it as a story. Twenty of you read it or at least started to read it, and no one commented. I’m taking that as an indication that I didn’t pull it off, and that helps me a lot. Thank you. I’m very grateful that I have a way to get valuable input, even when it’s silence.

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10 Responses to Thanks for reading!

  1. susandl says:

    Interestingly, as I was reading it, I thought it would work better as a play, not a short story. With the conversations, I felt myself wanting to hear the different voices, watch the body language, and see the waitress and patrons at Patsy’s.

    • Thanks for the comment, Susan. I was afraid that would be a problem. That’s why I didn’t mention that it was an adapted play when I posted it. That’s also why this forum is so good. Most of the people I have around me to give me criticism saw the play. Kind of disqualified them.

  2. Vicki Standing says:

    I actually enjoyed reading it…but I got interrupted and forgot to post my comments. I do like it…..

    Vicki Standing

  3. Penny and Irene says:

    I loved the story. I read it before I read your comments. It reminded me of the Commons.

    I especially like the seamless transition from narrative to dialog and back. The diction is on target and the way you define the speaker with the pie — delicious.

    If you’re thinking of entering it somewhere, you might consider the Kenyon Review.

    You made my holiday.


    • Thank you, dear Penny. I’m not surprised that someone as subtle as you would get the subtleties of the piece. My Southwestern friends also liked it. But I think some of the criticisms were spot on, too. I’m going to let it all stew for awhile.

      • Penny and Irene says:

        Kathleen, have you considered entering the original one act play and some of the others in contests for playwrights. I remember that there were several that worked together as a whole.


  4. sa cosgrove says:


    My Father was ill over the holidays. Sorry I never got to it.


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