A question for Just Another Writer readers

I would really appreciate any response to this. Do you want more about the other players in the story. I know you’ve had a lot of me and Andra. But what about James, Paul, Kathryn, Eunice and all the others? I’ve been trying to focus on the writing and not invade the privacy of the people I shared my life with. But I’m getting the sense from some of them that they wouldn’t mind at all if I told more. And some people have indicated curiosity about one or another of them. What do you say?

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12 Responses to A question for Just Another Writer readers

  1. FormerComposer says:

    Who we are is greatly influenced by those around us. Knowing something about the influences — even if done without real names — would add to the tale you are telling. Some of your other posts (the neighborhood, the kids, the gangs) show how well you capture the little things that go into the tapestry we end up weaving. As much as your project is about you as a writer, the times and places you lived in had an influence. Your historical work has shown the value of ‘the commonplace’. I vote for including more of everything you think is related.

  2. Phyllis Chambers-Emmons says:

    Interesting question. The teacher in me says this: A story about you, “just another writer” – a story about you, the writer? Or a story of more than the writer part of you? Is it even possible for you to separate the parts from the whole, or would you even want to? How do the parts influence the writer? The ceramist in me says: When I’m telling about a pot I’ve thrown, sometimes hearing my story about how I came to the shape or design or color actually tells me something I didn’t know. I say listen to the story that wants to be told and tell all of it. The nosey autobiography/biography reader in me says: I want to know all of it – ALL! In other words, I agree with Glenn.

  3. Christine says:

    The story is so rich. It deserves a rich telling. I’m with Glenn and Phyllis.

  4. Olga says:

    The story revolves around you, but I agree with the writers’ comments above. You enhance and add emotion by giving details and facts, including other people in your story.

  5. jcwinnie says:

    May be a reason why someone writes more than one book or uses more than one pen name.

  6. Kathleen, Your blogs are fascinating, so enthralling that I keep reading and reading and reading, while the clock ticks on. Wriite what you wish to write, how you wish to write, and I’ll be delighted to follow you. Great stuff! Anne McG.

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